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Grand Parade Participation Terms of Agreement

Grand Parade Participation Terms of Agreement

  1. Babinda Harvest Festival Inc has invited the Float Leader to participate in the parade with the float and associated participants agreeing upon the Parade Rules set down in this agreement.
  2. The Float Leader accepts Babinda Harvest Festival invitation as expressed in the clauses of this agreement and in consideration of the right to participate in the parade agrees to the Parade Rules Attached.
  3. The Float Leader must ensure that all participants associated with the float and parents or guardians of participants aged under 18 years, are made aware of the parade rules to this agreement and must obtain and retain for record purposes a signed copy of the parade rules signed by each participant or by a parent or guardian of each participant aged under 18 years.
  4. The Float Leader will be taken to have obtained or otherwise hold appropriate public liability insurance cover for all participants travelling on or around their float.
  5. The Float Leader must ensure that all participants comply with the parade rules and with all laws.
  6. The Float Leader agrees to attend meetings with the Parade Coordinator or other Babinda Harvest Festival officers as requested by the Babinda Harvest Festival Committee and to comply with all reasonable instructions concerning the Float and the conduct of the parade, including the removal of any participant, from the parade at any time prior to or during the parade.
  7. The Float Leader must ensure compliance with all safety requirements as prescribed by the parade rules or as instructed by the Parade Coordinator or by parade marshals. The float must be equipped with suitable safety features so as to prevent the risk of associated participants suffering harm.
  8. The Float Leader releases and discharges and agrees to indemnify Babinda Harvest Festival from any cost bome of harm resulting from participation in the parade as provided for in this agreement.
  9. All required safety equipment on the float must be always complete and operational during the parade.


“Cost” includes loss, liability, damage and expense. “Harm” means all or any of: property loss or damage; death; personal injury, including shock illness or injury of any kind. “Law”, “Laws” includes all applicable laws, statutes, Acts, regulations and standards. “Cost” includes Loss, liability, damage and expense.

Appendix & Parade Rules

Participants acknowledge that any failure on their part to comply with the parade rules may result in their exclusion from participation in the parade.

  1. Code of Conduct:
    1. The parade is a festive occasion to celebrate the lifestyle of Babinda and is not to be used to promote any political philosophies.
    2. The parade is a fun family event and no discriminating, insulting, offensive or vulgar comments or displays may be presented. Entrants that give offence will not be accepted and risk expulsion from future parades.
    3. Babinda Harvest Festival reserves the right not to accept any presentations that could be damaging to the spirit of the parade.
  1. Float Theming and Decoration:
    1. Floats must be decorative. The aim of a street parade is to entertain! Let’s wow the crowd. Great floats are remembered and enjoyed by all who attend. It needs to be artistic, colourful and creative.
    2. Floats must address/reflect the 2024 theme of the Grand Parade, ’60;s theme
    3. to a uniform to make it more fun and colourful.
  1. Participant and Audience Safety:
    1. Participants must at all times promptly comply with instructions given by the Parade Coordinator, by parade marshals appointed by Babinda Harvest Festival and by members of the Queensland Police Service.
    2. Motorised floats need to navigate safely along residential streets, and with the public lining the road. Floats therefore need to be easy to manoeuver with a safe and competent driver with an unobstructed view of the road.
    3. Any vehicle or trailer utilised for the purpose of a motorised float must be registered and insured as required by law.
    4. The driver of a motorised float must have the appropriate driver’s licence as required by law.
    5. Any vehicle utilised for a motorised float must be driven safely at all times during the parade and so as to maintain a constant speed of less than 5km per hour as maintained by the leading float and at a safe distance from the immediately preceding float, with no overtaking permitted.
    6. Participants must take care when travelling as passengers on the float to avoid all risk of harm and acknowledge that they travel on the float at their own risk.
    7. All signage, decorations, furniture and other items on the float must be securely attached to the float. Wind conditions can change – you do not want anything being blown into the crowd.
    8. The following activities on the float are prohibited:
      • Use of a naked flame;
      • Spraying or squirting water;
      • Throwing any object;
      • Consumption of alcoholic beverages;
      • Use of any items made of glass;
      • Alighting from or embarking onto the float while it is in motion.
    9. Fliers and other handouts cannot be thrown from the float. Participant accompanying the float on foot may hand out to members of the public only those pamphlets or other written material previously approved by the Parade Coordinator.
    10. For the protection of children in the audience no lollies are to be handed out along the parade route.
    11. Participants walking with a float must stay either in front or behind their float. There is to be no walking alongside the float.
    12. Parade floats are not permitted to stop unless instructed by a Parade Marshal.
    13. If animals are involved in your entry you must ensure that due care is taken for their safety.
    14. Participants riding on motorised floats need to have some protection to prevent them from falling off.
  1. Float Safety:

Your float entry must comply with the following safety requirements. Failing to do so may risk your participation in the Grand Parade on the day.

Please ensure:

    1. All electrical equipment is currently tested and tagged.
    2. All electrical connections are housed within wet weather enclosures.
    3. All 12-volt batteries are housed within non-metal enclosures.
    4. All signage, decorations, props, and other items are securely attached to your float. Wind conditions can change unexpectedly – you do not want anything being blown from your float into parade participants or into the crowd.
    5. You have mitigated any slips, trips and falls risks in the initial design of your float ensuring optimum safety for all participants.
    6. Your float design must safeguard against inclement weather. There may be rain and strong winds on Parade-day that will affect your layout and impact your safety. This needs to be actively considered in your initial float concept and design stage.
    7. In case of rain, please bring tarps, umbrellas, raincoats or other wet weather gear to protect your electrics, props or musical instruments and personnel on your float.

NB: A qualified Safety Officer will be on site on Grand Parade Day to check these requirements are met

  1. Float and Vehicle Size:
    1. Maximum dimensions for a float are 4.3m h x 2.5m w x 20 m l.
    2. Only rigid trucks up to 8.5m long will be accepted. No articulated vehicles (semitrailers), unless prior approval by Babinda Harvest Festival Committee.
    3. Each entry has a nominated guide to assist with navigating the float along the parade route. Depending on the size of the float, more than one guide may be required.
  1. Wet Weather
    1. The grand parade will proceed if it is raining, and floats that meet all required safety regulations will be able to participate.
    2. If a severe weather warning is issued from the Bureau of Meteorology all float entries will be notified as soon as possible if the event has been cancelled.
  1. Photographic /Image Release
    1. Participants consent to the use by Babinda Harvest Festival for promotional purposes of images taken of the parade and its participants.